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From the vine to the wine

Over the seasons, the vineyard receives the necessary care to produce grapes of high quality. Our house realises all the work until the wine harvest which takes place between mid-September and early October. The press and the vinification are carried out directly on the winery, they are realised by grape, by fraction and by cru in order to respect the origin of the grapes.

The musts (grape juice) obtained by pressing, are resting 15 to 24 hours in our tanks for settling. The must is then seeded with natural yeasts to start the alcoholic fermentation which lasts between 8 and 10 days, we get still wines.

The particularity of our champagne is to not make the Malo-Lactic Fermentation (MLF) on the Chardonnay. MLF is a natural desacidification that helps to soft the wine. The characteristic of malic acid is to maintain the freshness of fruit and keep a good balance during aging in bottle, note that we must count four to eight years for the Blanc de Blancs. The MLF is only performed on the Pinot for the Cuvée Brut which blended to 40 % of Chardonnay will then be sold at two years of aging.

The blend

between grapes, cru and different years is a key step of the winemaking, the aim is to ensure a continuity in oenological qualities of the wine. The indication of the year is possible only when the wines of the same year are blended. This is usually a sign of high quality.

When arrive the bottling, liquor and yeasts are added to create the second alcoholic fermentation bringing the effervescence. The bottles are aging in lying position on "latte" in cellars at 8° and protected from light for at least 18 months for non-vintage wines and

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4 to 10 years for vintages.

After the aging comes the riddling consisting to gather the sediment in the bottleneck, the wine is then disgorged traditionally on the fly, the deposit is expeled from the

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pressure when the bottle is uncapped, the champagne is dosed depending on the wines and their maturity, the bottles are corked, wire-capped, cased, packed, sold and savoured.